E-Discovery Services

Forensic Collections

MCG has assets in the US and all over the world to perform forensically sound data collections utilizing the latest in tools and technology. Whether the collection is email, cloud data, mobile devices, 3rd party systems, structured data or Internet of Things, MCG can create and execute the most complex of collection plans. Further, MCG is capable of testifying as to the validity of any collection we perform.


MCG has nearly 20 years in assisting client with the Meet and Confer process. With expertise in search technology (including TAR), Court and Sedona Conference established best practices along with market expertise as to costs and burden, MCG is well-positioned to help our clients avoid costly “discovery about discovery” fights. Similar to our forensic work, MCG is always willing to testify as to cost and burden, preservation best practices, production formats, sampling, TAR workflows and data accessibility. In fact, we assume testimony will be required when starting any project.

Processing and Hosting

MCG offers traditional e-Discovery services of Processing and Hosting with Relativity One or Catalyst. We offer simple, predictable pricing for clients who are looking to run the tools themselves. Please contact us to discuss our simple pricing model and standard workflow.


The use of distributed ledger technologies is revolutionizing the exchange of good and services and will require lawyers to have a technical understanding of how they work. Data security, privacy, and yes, even e-discovery will all be affected by Blockchain technologies. Undoubtedly, we are approaching a time where understanding of Blockchain technologies will be needed during the implementation of litigation holds and subsequent Meet and Confer conferences. MCG can assist in educating and advising on these issues.