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Tom Matzen, Esq.

Tom Matzen, the founder and President of the Matzen Consulting Group(MCG), has spent nearly 20 years practicing in the data-centric fields of e-discovery, data security and data privacy. Mr. Matzen obtained his JD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 2000 and B.A. degrees in both Political Theory and International Relations from Michigan State University in 1997. Mr. Matzen is a member of the District of Colombia Bar in addition to being an active member in the Sedona Group WG 1, 6 and 11; the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the and Legal Blockchain Consortium. Mr. Matzen is a recognized Expert in e-discovery, cost and burden and search methodology. He is also a frequent national speaker and writer on data security, breach response, GDPR, meet and confer strategy, International e-discovery and Privacy best practices.

Mr. Matzen was a pioneer in the international e-discovery field leading teams to over a dozen countries over the last 15 years creating and executing data collection, processing and production plans. Doing such work required the knowledge and intricacies of data transfer rules for each country. This knowledge was gained by research, live experience on the ground and developing a global network of contacts and technical experts. As a byproduct of this experience, Mr. Matzen became well-versed in global privacy and data security regulations and thereafter began to educate the legal community on the convergence of practicing law, data privacy, data security and e-discovery. It is this convergence that Mr. Matzen has dedicated his professional career to and served as the inspiration to beginning his own consulting group.

MCG strives to solve data problems and educate our clients while doing so. While capable of handling traditional e-discovery matters, MCG has a team of experts to assist with small data collections, large international investigations, GDPR assessments and recommendations, data breach response, establishing Privacy by Design, IoT forensics amongst other data related consulting services.

Beyond solving clients’ needs in this modern era of ever-changing privacy laws and cyber threats, MCG is interested in educating its clients be it law firms, corporations or individuals. It has been a pillar of Mr. Matzen’s career for nearly 20 years and will continue to be part of the mission of MCG.

BA, Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, Michigan St. Univ.
BA, International Relations, Michigan St. Univ.
JD, University of Pittsburgh
Licensed to Practice Law in Washington, D.C.

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