Data Security Consulting

Breach Response

Regardless of size or location, the MCG team has experience in helping clients identify breach events, stopping the breach, assessing what was accessed and then recommending solutions to prevent future events. Our team has assisted with breach responses in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Ransomware Attack

Few things can disrupt a company more then a ransomware attack. Using a combination of experience and forensic expertise, the MCG team can assist in mitigating the risk caused by such attacks. This style of attack is constantly changing creating a challenge to internal forensic teams. Our consulting team can supplement existing Infosec teams or take the lead role in an investigation if needed.

Internal Investigations

In addition to responding to security incidents, MCG has experience and expertise in handling sensitive internal investigations. Sometimes an organization requires an independent voice to investigate themselves or their client. Our team of experts have experience in performing such tasks. Our goal is take a keep a low profile even if the case is high profile and have years of experience in assisting on investigative matters.

Cloud Encryption

Through a partnership with Private Machines, a start-up out of Brooklyn, NY, MCG can offer the silver-bullet in enterprise security. The unique Private Machines technology allow use of third party clouds like AWS, Azure, etc. while controlling your own security. Krebs on Security recently said at Legal Tech, NY that the biggest security threat to organizations was insecure AWS buckets. Private Machines technology solves the problem. Encrypting data and workloads in transit, at rest and at runtime while not giving up your keys is a huge step forward to maintaining security while utilizing low cost cloud resources such as storage and shared compute. For additional materials, please reach out and we are happy to set up a demonstration of the Private Machines technology.

Encrypted Phone Cases

Through a partnership with VYSK, MCG can offer clients fully encrypted cell phone cases. The recent discovery of Stingray type devices being uncovered in Washington DC illustrates how insecure basic phone conversations are in this brave new world. The VYSK technology utilizes encryption and hardware modifications to a phone case to prevent your phone conversations and voicemails from being hacked. For additional materials, please reach out and we are happy to set up a demonstration.